Table 1: General Information

General Question Answer
General Does GalaPlayer APP contain any channels? Where can I get a good playlist? Gala iptv APP and its administrators do not assist in finding a good playlist. We also do not provide any playlists. We are not responsible for the content uploaded to our APP.
General Should I buy the app if I don't have any playlist or media? No, do not buy the app if you don't have any playlist or media. There are no channels included after activation, and refunds will not be given.

Table 2: Technical Information

Technical Question Answer
Technical My MAC address has changed after I switched to another connection type. Each TV has 2 MAC addresses (WiFi and Ethernet). A second MAC is activated automatically when you switch connection types. MAC addresses are unique and cannot be changed manually.
Technical Why is the app freezing on start? The app needs to load the list from your source or provider's server every time you start it.
Technical Can I change the background image of the APP? Yes, you can find other themes under settings. There are 3 themes available.

Table 3: Troubleshooting and Features

Troubleshooting & Features Question Answer
Troubleshooting & Features Why is the app not working when the playlist worked on my computer? This could be due to ISP lock or your TV's supported formats. Not every Smart-TV supports all content types.
Troubleshooting & Features Why can't I start the APP? This may be due to your internet connection. Check your internet first before contacting your provider.
Troubleshooting & Features Does the GalaPlayer APP have an EPG system? No, the app doesn't have an EPG system integrated. However, if your provider has an EPG-ready system, it will work with our platform.

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