Device Activation Information

Device Activation Information

Users can activate their Smart TVs and supported devices after paying a one-time fee of 7.99 EUR for each TV or device.

If you do not want to get activation delays, it is advisable to not wait for the trial version to expire if everything is working out. You can use the panel below for activation of your TV or device instantly in automatic mode. Once your trial period gets expired, you will lose your playlist from your device plus the server.

Please Note! Do not make a payment if you haven't got any channels with which you will use the application or if there are any other problems. The payment will not activate any sort of channels and you will also not be liable for a refund.

You will have to add your own preferred channels as the activation won't provide any. We cannot provide any information regarding where to get a working playlist and about channels even post-activation.


Expire Date after activate: Life time.