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How to Load Your Own List to Our Application

You can upload your own Playlist by using mylist.

How to Use the Remote Controller of Samsung TV's

  • P+/P- and Arrows - Switch Channels
  • UP - For Selecting a Category or Switching Channels
  • DOWN - For Selecting a Category or Switching Channels
  • Press (OK) While Streaming Live Channel - Show Channel INFO Bar
  • SELECT (OK) - Load Channel List in Play Mode
  • RETURN - Hide Channel List and Infobar; Go Back to Channel List or Home
  • PLAY/PAUSE/STOP - Play/Pause/Stop Stream/Video (Exit Video Player)
  • EXIT - Exit the Application
  • RED - Settings in Primary List; Select Audio/HLS Track in Stream/Video
  • YELLOW - Adding to Favorite in Primary List; Adding to Favorite in Series and Movies
  • BLUE - Switching from Primary List to Movies and Series

How to Change the Audio Track

While streaming a movie or a series, you can change the language with the RED button;

It will show you a menu where you can find Audio Language. In this section, you can switch between the languages.

How to Change Subtitles:

While watching a movie, you can use the RED key for adding subtitles or removing.

Subtitles Image

RED - Choose audio track when streaming/watching a video (webOS Toggle DVB input (Netcast TVs), and it opens the settings menu for movies where you can select the audio track and subtitles.

GREEN - Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) select video play mode